About Us

Sundrax is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of lighting control software and equipment. Our office is located in the heart of the UK - London, which gives us access to advanced solutions and the best specialists.

Our products are world-renowned in the following areas: Smart City / IoT - street lighting control systems and intelligent sensors; Entertainment Lighting - DMX networking equipment and Architectural Lighting - solutions for mass remote control of architectural and art lighting.

Our new product in traffic monitoring systems will enable you to analyse and optimise traffic flows in urban and suburban environments. This enables traffic lights to operate more efficiently, relieving traffic congestion on streets and highways, and reducing transport and product transportation costs for people and organisations. Finally, it will reduce gas emissions by reducing traffic jams.

We strive to create the most comfortable and beautiful environment for people to live in! We offer products and solutions to achieve this goal.

Our products are not only used in the UK, but also in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Join the Sundrax ecosystem and together we will make this world a more comfortable place!