Kepler Platform Traffic Management Solutions

Kepler Platform for smart traffic monitoring

Kepler platform and App

Kepler Platform Traffic Management Solutions

Live Traffic

The Live Traffic Management module for the Kepler Intelligent Control System enables monitoring of traffic volume and composition at locations where a Traffic Manager Sensor is installed.

This allows for analysis of traffic counts and types in order to optimize traffic management in real time.

With the appropriate level of integration, it is possible to adjust traffic light modes instantly and test the effectiveness of the solution.

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Kepler Platform Traffic Management Solutions, QULON Software Suite

Information on the palm
of you hand

The Kepler Intelligent Control System provides the capability to access necessary data from anywhere in the world using a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, as long as there is an internet connection.

Obtain complete control of traffic conditions on city streets or rural highways in real-time, all from the convenience of your seat.

Information on the palm of you hand Traffic Management Solutions

Live management

Compare Traffic Manager readings with CCTV footage and analyze the causes of traffic congestion in real-time. Check the effectiveness of traffic light settings at different times of the day and identify traffic infrastructure malfunctions with real-time traffic monitoring.

Real-time traffic monitoring not only increases the efficiency of city traffic but also helps detect emergencies.

Live management Traffic Management Solutions

Seamless integration
into third-party IoT networks

  • Kepler Platform for smart traffic monitoring

    Smart City / IoT / M2M

    API integration into Smart City networks provides perfect IoT compatibility. Traffic Manager Sensor seamlessly integrates with Smart Infrastructure and Smart Building software suites of third-party vendors.

  • Kepler Platform for smart traffic monitoring

    Sensors and cameras

    Integrate the Traffic Manager Sensor with other control systems to build different patterns of air pollution, light and sound pollution and much more.

  • Kepler Platform for smart traffic monitoring

    Easy installation

    Traffic Manager Sensor integrates with control systems and IoT networks via GSM/GPRS modem and RS-485 interface, easily installed on poles or surfaces and powered by AC or 12V DC battery.

Kepler application

The Kepler app allows you to take full advantage of all the smart city management features from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, control traffic, street lighting, architectural artwork, and more from your mobile screen with the Kepler App!

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Kepler application Traffic Management Solutions